Upright piano

At Hanlet, our mission is to help you find the right piano for your needs and budget, while ensuring the quality of your future instrument.

  • YUS5

    Yamaha YUS5


  • P116M

    Yamaha YUS3


  • YUS3

    Yamaha YUS3


  • P125 F1

    Petrof P125 F1


  • P116M

    Yamaha YUS1 Transacoustic





  • P116M

    Yamaha YUS1 SILENT SH3


  • P116M

    Yamaha U3 SILENT SH2


  • YAMAHA SE122

    Yamaha SE122


  • C 116 Tradition

    Schimmel C 116 Modern Cubus Chrome


  • C 121 Elegance M

    Schimmel C 121 Elegance M


  • P116M

    Petrof P131 M1


  • P116M

    Yamaha YUS3 SILENT SH2


  • C 121 Tradition

    Schimmel C 121 Tradition


  • c 116

    Schimmel C 116 Tradition Twintone



    Yamaha YUS5 SILENT SH2


  • P116M

    Yamaha YUS3 Transacoustic


  • c 121 t

    Schimmel C 121 Tradition TwinTone


  • P116M

    Schimmel C 126 Tradition


  • YUS5 TA2

    Yamaha YUS5 Transacoustic


  • YAMAHA SE122

    Yamaha SE122 SILENT SH2


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What is the price of an upright piano? How do you know which type of piano is right for you? What budget should I allocate to the purchase of an upright piano for a beginner? And for an experienced pianist?

We have a wide range of piano models in a very wide range of prices. Whether you choose a first price upright piano model, suitable for beginners, or a top of the range piano such as the Bösendorfer 130, each upright piano at Hanlet is carefully selected to match the budgets, levels and needs of the customers.

Pianos, and more specifically uprights, are very popular instruments that can be found in many homes. However, this classic instrument is quite expensive, which can be a deterrent to potential buyers. At Hanlet, we make sure that everyone can enjoy their passion for the piano by offering a wide range of pianos to suit all budgets. We also offer a lease-purchase system, whereby you pay a percentage of your piano each month.

Find used and new pianos at Hanlet in perfect condition: all used pianos are professionally overhauled and tuned before being offered for sale.

Choose an upright piano according to your level

Beginner pianist

Beginning pianists are generally advised to buy a student piano. The price of an upright piano is quite low. Indeed, these small pianos only require a moderate budget.

This working instrument will allow you to progress, thanks to a light and precise touch. Often recommended by piano teachers for their beginners, you will discover the passion of the magic of the piano.
Our selection of the best brands in the industry will provide you with a quality pianoYamaha's B-series pianos are very popular, offering technical and aesthetic quality to its lucky owner.

Confirmed pianist

An experienced pianist requires a larger piano that is adapted to his or her growing musical maturity. For this, he can rely on the expression pianos.
Excellent pianos such as the Yamaha B3, or the European Schimmel W118 Tradition, combine high quality materials, a size that is often larger than the student pianos, and more precise and faster action. You will be able to nuance your interpretation, thanks to a richer and more musical sound palette.

The price of an upright piano can vary between brands, but is still quite affordable. At Hanlet, you can ask for a lease-purchase, allowing you to pay a small amount each month, making the purchase of a piano more accessible.

Advanced to professional pianist

Accomplished pianists opt for an instrument that can be played for a long time, and that can withstand a lot of repetition. The intensive use of the instrument requires a robust and precise mechanism, fast and with a firm keyboard.
A model like the Schimmel K122 offers unparalleled build quality for an upright piano, with precise action and dynamics and a powerful, clear sound. The pianist is confronted with a feeling worthy of a grand piano.

While the price of a more professional upright piano goes up, it is also a more durable and solid piano that you can play with for many years without experiencing a decline in quality due to early wear and tear. Specially built to withstand your intensive piano sessions, find an upright piano at Hanlet that will accompany you in your passion.

What is the difference between upright and grand pianos?

You may have noticed that grand pianos are often more expensive than upright pianos. Moreover, in classical concert halls, you will find majestic grand pianos, not upright pianos. The mechanics are responsible for this difference.

In an upright piano, the action is vertical. The height of the upright piano determines the length of the strings. The strings are shorter in an upright piano than in a grand piano, and the longer they are, the better the sound. The sound of a grand piano will therefore be significantly better than that of an upright.
In addition, the action of a grand piano is placed on the frame of the instrument, horizontally. The difference in positioning allows for a very precise and fast touch.

Nevertheless, you will find excellent upright pianos among the Hanlet selection. The quality of the action is a concern that we take very seriously. Brands such as Yamaha offer great value for money: they have excellent action, offering remarkable performance in terms of velocity, precision and robustness, which satisfy both beginners on study pianos and experienced pianists on the brand's expression pianos.