Interesting second-hand pianos are hard to come by. Regarding age, sellers will usually knock-off (quite) a few years. Please remember to check the serial number of the instrument (engraved on the frame). Regarding actual condition, this is difficult to evaluate. One may tell you that the instrument has been little used, that it has been well kept. Do not be impressed by arguments such as a beautiful cabinet, smooth hammer felts, shiny strings, ...

In other words, do not believe your eyes! Have the instrument inspected by a qualified technician.

Buying privately or from a dealer?

A dealer should normally guarantee reliability, but select the dealer carefully.

If you buy privately, you may be lucky... or it may prove to be a nightmare (no recourse is possible). A technician's opinion is therefore essential.

Please note :

  • There is a traffic of second-hand Yamaha pianos. These instruments have not been built for our climate and do not comply with our quality criteria. These instruments are NOT guaranteed by Yamaha. Always buy a Yamaha, even in second hand, to an official dealer.
  • Do not under-estimate the cost of repairs. Have an estimate made, to make sure the piano is not going to cost more than a new one.

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