Repair your piano in Brussels

Our technical department has long mastered the special know-how required to repair, renovate or restore a piano. In our workshop, every problem finds its solution. All requests are subject to a detailed estimate. We also advise you on whether to carry out work on your instrument.

How do you know when your piano needs repair?

During the life of a piano, certain issues can occur. Sometimes they are harmless and simply require a few adjustments, such as tuning. However, there are several signs that a piano may need repair

For example, if the sounds are muffled and muffled when you play, your grand piano may need repair. Likewise, if you find that keys are sticking or no longer working, or that you hear sounds when its lid is closed, it's probably best to call in a professional

You should also look for signs of wear and tear on the materials of your musical instrument.

How is a piano repaired?

In most cases, your instrument's malfunctions are caused by wear and tear. For example, the strings, hammers, or rollers of your piano tend to wear out. This is especially true if your acoustic piano is not of excellent quality. In this case, the technician in our workshop will check the problematic parts and, if necessary, replace them.

The same applies to other critical parts of your piano. The pedal mechanisms can also be subject to wear and tear. We also check the touch level of your keyboard and keys so that your instrument can be as responsive as possible. Our team can also tune any type of instrument.

The right reflexes to avoid that your instrument needs to be repaired

The advice we give to all our customers about keeping an instrument is to maintain it regularly. It doesn't matter if you have a grand piano, an upright or a hybrid piano, these are objects that require a certain amount of care. So, start by making sure that the keys of the piano remain clean. The same goes for the rest of the piano. Mere dust can ruin the most prestigious of pianos 

In the same idea, transporting a piano should never be done lightly. If the transport is not organized by professionals, the shocks on it can have terrible consequences and damage its internal parts. If you are constantly traveling, renting a piano locally or choosing a digital piano may be an appropriate solution. 

Also, be sure to use your piano properly. Avoiding rough playing will help prolong its life. 

How much does a piano repair usually cost?

The cost of a piano repair can vary greatly depending on the nature of the repair needed. Basic repairs will obviously cost more than replacing the mechanisms of a prestigious concert grand piano. To estimate the price of the repair, we also take into account the cost of spare parts and labor. Repairing a piano requires a great deal of expertise, and we can assure you that it will be in good hands with Hanlet.

In any case, before we do anything, we will provide you with a quotation including all our recommendations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Pianos Hanlet, the piano repairer who respects your instrument

The difference between a good piano repairman and a bad one is often enormous. At Hanlet, we guarantee you the experience of several decades. Our technical knowledge of pianos allows us to know exactly what is wrong with your instrument and to offer you effective solutions. And in addition to our understanding of the product, our passion leads us to always give advice on the future maintenance of the instrument

Do you have any questions about our music store, our services, or would you like to have your piano repaired? Contact us now! Our technicians master all the aspects of this delicate activity. We find the best solution for every piano.

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