Our piano rental formulas

If you are unsure about your persistence or that of your child, it may be better to choose a rental, with or without a purchase option.


Rental rent-to-own

Comfortable and economic formula

Rent a brand new piano for minimum 18 months or continue and it will be yours after maximum 48 months. Monthly rentals paid will be duly deducted. You will have paid the catalogue price in total after those 48 months. Warranty is 300 € for digital piano and 2 months of rent for acoustic piano.

+ Upright pianos from 82 € per month (Yamaha B1)    
+ Grand pianos from 255 € per month  (Yamaha GB1)
+ Digital pianos from 58 € per month  (Yamaha CLP-745)

+ Free transport, groundfloor one-way, Brussels region*
+ Transport pick-up,groundfloor, 140 euros*

*for exact details and conditions please contact our shop at info@hanlet.be

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Very flexible formula and without obligations

You select a piano, for a minimum of 6 months, from our large range of used instruments. Warranty is 300 €. Monthly rental prices are as follows:

+ 35 € to 75 € per month for an upright or electronic piano
+ 200 € to 500 € per month for a grand piano

+ Free transport, groundfloor one-way, Brussels region*
+ Transport pick-up,groundfloor, Brussels region, 140 euros*

However, should you decide to buy a new instrument, special conditions will be given in accordance with rental amounts invested*.

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Concert rental

Formula for professionals

The Hanlet Concert service offers, for rental, a full range of pianos adapted to each event. Whether it’s a world-class concert or a small party with friends, Hanlet always has a solution tailored to your needs. From simple upright pianos up to prestigious grand pianos, for a day or for a month, or longer, our rates include all services necessary for the smooth running of the service*. Other options are also possible, such as providing a podium and additional accessories. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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