Concert piano rental service

Hanlet's concert piano rental service offers a wide range of pianos. Find the right instrument for your event. Whether it's a world-class concert, for which a prestigious concert piano such as the Yamaha CFX or Bösendorfer 214VC is perfectly suited, or a small event with friends, where the Yamaha CLP645 digital piano offers an attractive price for a great performance, Hanlet will always have the right solution for your needs.

A simple upright piano suitable for small spaces will work for your receptions or cocktail parties. A grand piano is suitable for more prestigious events, such as concerts or cocktail parties in large spaces. Large concert pianos, half-grands, quarter-grands or upright pianos, we can provide you with different sizes of instruments, whether you need them for one day or for a month.

Our rates include all services necessary for the smooth running of the service*.

Other options are also possible, such as providing a podium and additional accessories. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

* Base price includes: renting the piano including an adjustable bench, delivery and pick-up, ground floor, among the 19 municipalities of Brussels(and proximity), as well as the tuning of the piano (before or after delivery, as requested).

Our pianos available

Yamaha CFX
Premium concert grand Piano 275 cm

Piano music par excellence, the Yamaha CFX is certainly one of the best pianos in the world. He won the votes from the best performers and is ideal for large rooms and the most prestigious events. It is completely handmade.

Dimensions (H, w, L) 103 x 160 x 275 cm
Price 1.420 € vat incl. (1173,55 ex vat)

Yamaha S6X
Half grand 212 cm

Half grand of superior quality out of the Yamaha SX grand piano series, this instrument is suitable for demanding interpreters in more intimate venues. It is currently used by the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel for its concerts.

Dimensions (H, w, L) 102 x 154 x 212 cm
Price 1.000 € vat incl. (826.44 ex VAT)

Bösendorfer 214VC
Half grand piano 214 cm

This world famous Bösendorfer half grand piano is none the less an instrument of excellent craftsmanship. It will perfectly suit for any large-scale public or private events, requiring a powerful sound combined with the best pianoaction available in this length of pianos.

Dimensions (H, w, L) 102 x 154 x 212 cm
Price 1200 € vat incl. (991.73 ex VAT)

Yamaha C3X 
Premium Quarter grand piano 186 cm

As the little brother of C6X, this quarter grand piano will more easily finds its place in more confined spaces but concedes nothing to the quality: precise mechanics, powerful and rich sound, this is the perfect quarter grand piano on the market.

Dimensions (H, w, L) 101 x 149 x 186 cm
Price 860 € vat incl. (710.74 ex VAT)

Yamaha U1
Upright piano 121cm

This upright, affordable and space-saving piano, will be ideal to decorate your birthday parties, theaters or any event that requires the compactness of an acoustic piano quality.This type of upright piano should be placed against a wall.

Dimensions (H, w, L) 121 x 152 x 61 cm
Price 700 € vat incl. (578.51 ex VAT)

Yamaha CLP645
Digital Clavinova

This digital piano is very compact, ease of use, detacheablle, and an attractive price. Suitable for small spaces it will allow you to perform background music, perfect to decorate a reception or cocktail.

Dimensions (H, w, L) 101 x 147 x 48 cm
Price 400 € vat incl*.

Have you found the right concert piano for your needs? Or would you like to ask our specialists for advice? Would you like more information about the rental contract? Please contact us.

If you are looking to buy a concert piano, that is also possible. Discover all the pianos available on our site. It is also possible to rent or lease-purchase certain piano models.