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Hanlet is your expert and advisor for piano purchases, whatever your level. If you want to take piano lessons in Brussels, it is important to have an instrument at home so that you can practice. Learning an instrument requires perseverance, and you will need to practice between your piano lessons in Brussels or in Belgium. Discover our wide range of pianos, suitable for beginners or professional players.
In addition, by hiring a private piano teacher, you will have your lessons either at your home or at the teacher's home.

When to take piano lessons in Brussels?

Of course, if you (or your child) want to learn the piano, the most effective way is to hire a seasoned teacher. Some people choose to have lessons in an academy, surrounded by other students.
Others prefer the attention of a private piano teacher, who will be able to follow the progress of their apprentice over the years and give them personalised advice.
Here we put you in touch with private teachers in Brussels and Belgium. They will teach you the basics of piano from their home or yours, and can also follow you for many years of learning and improvement.

Do you already know how to play but have lost your touch, or do you want to take your game to the next level? For this, the help of a private teacher can help you to quickly get back to your level, and help you to improve. By choosing pieces of an adequate difficulty, challenging but accessible, you will improve with the help of his advice.

Which piano to buy to learn piano?

Are you taking your first piano lessons and looking for a piano that can keep up with your new passion? At Hanlet, we offer a variety of models to suit all budgets.

If you are a beginner and are not sure that you have found your way, that the piano will remain a passion, opt for a study piano, more accessible. Study pianos are suitable for beginners and have a light and precise touch. For example, we recommend the Yamaha B-series, which is very popular with beginners and is recommended by piano teachers.
If you already have a certain level of piano playing and want to take piano lessons to improve your skills, there is a wide choice of piano models for different levels. You can choose an expressive piano, which is more suitable for an advanced pianist.

Hanlet also offers the option of lease purchase. This means that you pay a percentage of your piano each month, with no obligation to buy. If after a few months of piano lessons you wish to stop using the instrument, you can return it to the shop without any further payment.

What piano accessories are useful when learning?

To accompany your new piano, it is also important to find a piano bench. An adaptable piano seat is always preferable. It will grow with the child taking his or her first piano lessons, or allow several pianists to practice by adjusting the height of the seat. Because piano stools stand on three legs, they are less stable than benches. They are therefore less suitable for a child, who is more likely to move around during lessons. They may lose their balance. For more stability, opt for an adjustable bench seat. See all our piano seats available at Hanlet.

We have other accessories that are necessary for learning the piano. Your teacher will probably recommend the use of a metronome during your piano lessons and practice sessions, allowing you to keep the right rhythm when learning a new piece. We offer Wittner metronomes, the leading brand for metronomes.

In order to read and follow your score on your piano, a good lighting is not to be neglected. We have Led and Halogen lamps, very useful for piano lessons and to be able to practice your passion without tiring your eyes. Some of them are adapted for grand pianos and can be fixed on the piano desk, others are on feet and can be placed on your upright piano.

If you opt for a digital piano, we have a selection of piano headsets that offer good listening quality. This will allow you to learn new pieces without disturbing the whole family with frequent repetition.