Genio Silent System Premium - Grandpiano

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Silent Module for grand piano

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J-F Hanlet

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Play at anytime without disturbing your direct surroundings.

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The Genio Premium system is a complete silent system that can be installed on almost all acoustic upright pianos (traditional pianos).

The silent systems are compatible with 90% of all acoustic pianos: new and used.

The installation can be carried out, preferably in the workshop.

After installation, the piano can be switched to silent mode, in the evening for example. You can then continue playing with headphones, without disturbing your neighbours or members of your household.

The silent system is equipped with reliable and durable optical sensor technology.

The sensor rail is installed under the piano keys. With 88 sensors, the smallest movement is measured and converted into a true-to-life piano sound.

In addition, the integrated mute rail ensures that the hammers are stopped just before they hit the strings, so that the piano no longer emits any sound.


  • Reliable and durable optical sensor rail. No contact with the keyboard keys, so no mechanical wear of the rail (unlike digital pianos). Velocity of 127 levels. Dynamics: 5 response curves. Sensitivity: individual key adjustment from 000 to 256.
  • Excellent piano sound, thanks to the Genio Premium sound module.
  • LCD display with touch-sensitive keys for easy viewing
  • 16 pre-selected tones, total 128 tones
  • Integrated metronome
  • 2x headphone jacks (for playing with 4 hands, for listening to the pianist, for the teacher and the student...)
  • Recording and playback directly on the system via internal memory: 384 Mb (30'000 notes)
  • Education mode can be configured
  • Polyphony: 128 notes
  • Transposition: +/- 24 semitones
  • USB connection, with peripherals (Tablets, Ipad, Computers)
  • MIDI function included
  • Stereo audio input/output: possibility to listen to the piano while controlling the volume, by connecting an external speaker (not supplied) via standard mini-Jack connection
  • Compact (17 cm x 1.9 cm) and discreet control box (under the piano keyboard)
  • Once installed, use your acoustic piano unchanged and when desired, switch to silent mode to enjoy your instrument via headphones.

When using your silent system, you retain the feel of your piano.

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