Ever since the founding of their first workshop in 1866, the Hanlet family have devoted themselves to the piano, starting with Alexandre-Joseph Hanlet (1840-1895), who was a weaver.

At the time of Napoleon III, the possibility of acquiring a piano for a workman simply did not exist.
But Alexandre is clever. He sees in Verviers the river Vesdre carrying wool flocks from the nearby weaving factories, and decides to collect them every evening in order to sell them.
This little business allows him to buy a piano. And the story starts...

His son, Alexandre-Thomas Hanlet (1871-1940) sees a big future in the business, and sets up a modern factory in Vilvorde, auspiciously starting a fifty-year span of high-quality piano manufacturing.

International recognition quickly follows.

Today, the fifth generation of the family has successfully combined tradition and modernity.

Keeping up with times, Hanlet devote due attention to the latest developments in the piano world, such as electronic and silent pianos.

The reputation of the company is based on a tradition of excellence. Expert, budget-conscious advice is available to beginners and masters alike.