Roland FP-10 Full Pack

520 €

The first digital Roland piano in the FP series. It comes with the famous roland quality keytouch, compared to the price of the instrument. The FP-30 is its bigger brother and comes with more powerfull speakers, more function buttons and bluetooth

Limited availability

J-F Hanlet

The advise of J-F Hanlet

The Roland FP-10 is compact and price concious. This model delivers both sound and a good keytouch.

Equipped with speakers, its plug and play.  Stand and sustain pedal DP-10 in option.


TypeDigital piano
KeyboardPHA-4 standard Ivory feel
Polyphonie (max.)96
Amplification2 x 11 W
ConnectorsUSB, Headphones
ConnectiqueUSB TO PC
Dimensions129 x 26 x 14 cm
Weight12,5 kg

Included accessories

  • Taktell-Piccolino Ruby Red(brun)

    KXS A6 Color-Black Satin


  • RH-5

    SHP-2300 Color-Black Satin


  • X bench

    KEB A-10 Color-Black Satin


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