Roland FP-60X

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This compact and price concious FP-60X has all the basic features of its bigger brother FP-90 except the wooden keys, microphone input and has less powerfull speakers.



TypeDigital piano
PianosoundSuperNATURAL Piano
Polyphonie (max.)256
Amplification13 W x 2
Dimensions134 x 39 x 13.6 cm
J-F Hanlet

The advise of J-F Hanlet

The Roland FP-60X is compact and price concious. This model delivers both  good sound and a good keytouch.

The Rhythm function allows you to create accompaniments, based on the chords that you play. Equipped with speakers, its plug and play. 


Roland FP-60X digital piano 

If you're looking for pro-level performance without hitting a premium price tag, the FP-60X is for you. The mid-range FP-X is a compact and elegant instrument capable of embellishing any type of interior, and incorporating features appreciated by experienced musicians. At the heart of the FP-60X are the Roland SuperNATURAL Piano tone generator and 88-note PHA-4 Standard dynamic keyboard, as well as a selection of fully customizable acoustic piano sounds using Piano Designer. There is also a wide range of sounds for exploring many musical genres, as well as ambience effects which combine with SuperNATURAL Piano models to provide stunning realism, a powerful stereo speaker system, and an immersive Headphones 3D Ambience effect for playing with headphones.

Its strengths: 
- The SuperNATURAL Piano sound generator allows great expressiveness, from pianissimo to fortissimo
- Built-in sounds of electric pianos, organs, strings and synthesizers let you play in all musical genres
- Piano Designer function allows detailed customization of piano sounds
- PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides authentic acoustic piano touch
- 26W stereo speaker system delivers rich, full sound
- Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides natural sound when playing with headphones
- An attractive modern look based on the famous design of the previous generation of FP pianos
- Audio and MIDI connectivity via Bluetooth and USB
- Dual headphone output lets you play side by side with a friend or teacher
- Microphone input and vocal effects
- Dedicated stands and triple pedals available for upright piano setup (KSC-72, KPD-90) or mobile use (KS-20X, RPU-3)

Find your sound with SuperNATURAL and Piano Designer. 
The FP-60X uses Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL Piano to capture every nuance of your playing, from the most subtle pianissimo to the most powerful fortissimo. But you can go one step further and truly sculpt your sound by adjusting the high, mid, and low frequencies via the EQ panel, and using the built-in Piano Designer to fine-tune the sound of each note. The FP-60X also offers the My Stage function, which combines carefully chosen piano sounds and various types of ambiences to provide an immersive playing experience simulating various game rooms, from the rehearsal studio to the classic concert hall.

A dynamic PHA-4 Standard keyboard, similar to that of an acoustic grand piano. 
A portable piano should provide an enjoyable playing experience, and in this area the FP-60X will not disappoint. Its PHA-4 Standard keyboard puts the hammer mechanisms and the escapement of quality acoustic instruments under your fingers, until the subtle click of release of the keys. Its 88 ivory-touch keys allow you to compose without limits and play the most demanding works, the SuperNATURAL tone generator letting you hear every detail of each of your nuances.

Play or work with powerful speakers or with the Headphones 3D Ambience effect. 
The FP-60X is designed to allow both instrument work and concert performance. If you are performing in small venues, you will feel the full power of the special stereo speaker system, which will broadcast the full power of your playing across the entire range of timbres produced. And if you work the instrument, the Headphones 3D Ambience function will allow you to immerse yourself in a real soundscape. You will have the impression that the music is coming from your instrument and not from the earphones of your headphones.

Compact and ready for extensions 
A complete piano requires a special part to install it, while the FP-60X can be easily moved or stored in a corner of your home. For the stage and / or the use of traditional playing techniques, this versatile instrument can also be enriched with accessories such as the KSC-72 and KS-20X stands or the KPD-90 and RPU-3 triple cranksets. And since a piano must have a look that matches its sounds, the FP-60X has the same modern design as that of the previous FP range, which has won several international awards.

Make music using Bluetooth and USB 
With its advanced connectivity, the FP-60X opens up a world of creative possibilities. With Bluetooth audio, you can play music from your smartphone on the piano's powerful speakers, or work on your technique with online piano lessons. Using Bluetooth MIDI, you can connect to fun songwriting apps like Roland's Zenbeats or Apple's GarageBand. If you love to sing, connect your mic, add effects, and listen to your voice echoing through the piano's speakers. You can record it at the same time as your piano playing thanks to the integrated recorder. The FP-60X even offers audio / MIDI connectivity via USB, which allows direct recording of your piano parts into a computer equipped with music production software.

- 88 keys PHA-4 keyboard with Ivory Feel
- Sound engine: 16 SuperNATURAL Piano sounds, 18 E-Piano sounds, 18 organ sounds, 27 strings / pads and 279 other sounds
- Max polyphony: 256 voices
- The MyStage function simulates 8 different acoustic environments
- Surround and rotary speaker effects and 3-band equalizer
- Bluetooth audio (V3.0) and Bluetooth MIDI (V4.0)
- Integrated speaker system (eight 12 cm speakers) with 13 watts (x2)
- 1x microphone input (6.3 mm jack) with Compressor, Doubling and - Echo effects
- Transposition function; integrated metronomes
- Recording and playback of standard MIDI (SMF) and audio (wav and MP3) files on USB key
- 32 internal songs
- Keyboard modes: full, double, split and double piano
- Illuminated user interface and LCD display
- 1x stereo output (6.3 mm jack x2)
- 2x stereo headphone outputs (3.5mm and 6.3mm jack)
- 1x stereo input (3.5 mm jack)
- 3x inputs for pedals (Damper, Sostenuto, Soft - 6.3 mm jack each)
- Power input (12V DC)
- USB A port for USB flash drives
- USB B port for host computer
- Included: Owner's manual, external power supply (PSB-7U), music stand, DP-10 sustain pedal
- Dimensions: 1291 x 344 x 126 mm (LxWxH)
- Weight: 19.3 kg
- Color: Black

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