The history of Yamaha pianos begins in 1887, when Torakusu Yamaha built the first Japanese organ. Mr. Yamaha was a medical equipment engineer, but having had the opportunity to repair an organ of American origin, he was literally fascinated by the charm of this instrument and he came to make one himself by taking advantage of the experience gained in the process of repair.
In the 127 years that have passed since, Yamaha has grown to become the largest manufacturer of musical instruments. Its sales network extends to 111 different countries. Hanlet pianos were the first importer of Yamaha pianos in Belgium and have largely contributed to their establishment and development in our country.

  • Cable

    Yamaha Cable


  • LP-5A

    Yamaha Adaptor PA 150


  • SDC210

    Yamaha SDC310


  • SDC210

    Yamaha SDC210


  • HPH-200

    Yamaha HPH-100


  • LP-5A

    Yamaha Adaptor PA 300


  • LP-1

    Yamaha LP-1


  • UD-WL01 Wireless Adaptor - Yamaha Clavinova

    Yamaha UD-WL01 Wireless





  • HPH-200

    Yamaha HPH-150


  • P35

    Yamaha L-85 STAND


  • L-121

    Yamaha L-121 STAND


  • SCKB850

    Yamaha SCKB850


  • P35

    Yamaha L-125 STAND


  • L-300 STAND

    Yamaha L-300 STAND


  • P35

    Yamaha L-140S SILVER


  • Stand Yamaha L-515

    Yamaha L-515 STAND


  • P45

    Yamaha P-45


  • P-45

    Promo Pack

    Yamaha P-45 Full Pack


  • P-121

    Yamaha P-121


  • P-125

    Yamaha P-125 Black


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