Is transport included in the price ?

Transport is mostly included in the price. Please inform yourself at the moment of purchase.

Why does my piano need tuning ?

It is important to keep a piano 'in tune', firstly in order to maintain its lifespan and secondly, for your musicality. Piano builders recommend two tunings per year.

New or second hand piano ?

Nevertheless the fact a piano is a well known instrument, technology evolves and the biggest brands do invest considerable time and effort in research and development. They ofter provide new improvements to there models. A new piano benefits of the latest developments in that field.

Offcourse there are interesting second hand pianos but once has to remain vigilant. Even if the exterior seems flattering, the instrument may have been exposed to several damages during its life : too much humidity, to dry, rats, lack of maintenance (even if it has been rarely played),water damage, etc 

Good second hand pianos are generally proposed by professionals with experience and knowledge in evaluating and restoring a piano under the rule of art.

We propose a large selection of new and second hand pianos for your convenience.

Does a piano need a lot of maintenance ?

No : a damp cloth for furniture, and a regular tuning of the instrument are enough.

Is the purchase of a new piano a good investment ?

It is above all an investment in pleasure. The resale value will be linked to its age, brand name and the general state of your piano. On need to know that piano prices raise each year and second hand pianos are following that trend. If you are not sure to keep a piano, we recommend you the Leasing formula. A second hand piano from a serious and well-known brand is easier to resell

Renovating my piano ?

Most of the pianos can be renovated into its original state. It is however a considerable amount of investment. Each case is very particular, that is why we suggest to consider together with the customer if a renovatuing is possible and worth the investment.