Roland is a Japanese brand of musical instruments established in Osaka since 1970. Roland's history is marked by revolutionary instruments, rewarded by many distinctions, innovative musical technologies and new markets. By concentrating their efforts on research and development, Roland and its related brands have become world market leaders in the field of electronic music and technology.

  • P35

    Roland RH-5


  • KC-L

    Roland KC-L


  • DP-10

    Roland DP-10


  • Roland PSB-7U adapter

    Roland Roland PSB-7U adapter


  • RPB-100BK

    Roland RPB-100BK


  • KS-20X Heavy Duty

    Roland KS-20X Heavy Duty


  • P35

    Roland RH-A7


  • P35

    Roland KSC-FP10 STAND


  • KSC-70

    Roland KSC-70-WH STAND


  • KPD-70

    Roland kpd-70


  • P35

    Roland KSC-70 STAND


  • CB-88RL

    Roland CB-88RL



    Roland CB-B88


  • P35

    Roland KSC-70 STAND


  • P35

    Roland RPU-3


  • Black Satin

    Roland RPB-220BK


  • RPB-220PE

    Roland RPB-220PE


  • KSC-44

    Roland KPD-90


  • P35

    Roland KSC-90 STAND


  • KS-G8B

    Roland KS-G8B


  • FP -10 Black

    Roland FP -10 Black


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