Yamaha P116M SILENT SH3 – Noir poli

11 990 €

Leasing at 278 € /month

This P-116 piano is the first model of the famous P-series of Yamaha. For the more demanding pianist, with a competitive price. Here with Silent system.



TypeUpright pianos
Mechanic3 pedals - castors
Dimensions116 x 152 x 58 cm
Weight216 kg
Available for rentalYes
J-F Hanlet

The advise of J-F Hanlet

This elegant piano features a solid European spruce soundboard helping to deliver a superb, rich tonal quality whilst offering maximum durability.
The P116 delivers superb tonal quality whilst retaining a compact appearance. The patented Yamaha keyboard action is highly responsive and smooth and the 4 back posts provide greater rigidity and assist in delivering a bigger sound. 



The beauty of the P-116 acoustic piano combined with the pleasure of being able to play at any time, without disturbing those around you. This instrument will quickly become an indispensable part of your musical life. The binaural sound , which takes into account the natural "filters" that make up our morphology and allow us to judge the distance at which sound is produced. Listen here with your headphones to the impressive test sampled on the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano and the high-quality sensors that capture the musician's expressions. They offer a rich and comfortable experience with headphones,almost identical to that of your acoustic piano.

SH3: In addition to the SILENT function, the SH3 system offers 20 different sounds, Bluetooth connectivity and a MIDI port.

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