46 500 €

The first of the half grand Yamaha CX series



TypeGrand piano
Mechanic3 pedals - castors -
Dimensions200 cm X 101 cm X 149 cm
Weight350 Kg
J-F Hanlet

The advise of J-F Hanlet

The C5X is the bigger version of the famous C3X Yamaha. The C3X is the worlds' most sold piano and not for just any reason. It is indeed the best quarter grand piano one can buy for this relative small budget. This small half grand posseses a much better bass sound and musical depth due to it's length. Conservatories, professionals, demanding private indivuals and families have often been chosen the C3, C5 and C6 model as there is almost no serious competition in this price range. The C5X model is exactly the same but much longer : 200cm in stead of 186 cm. It is therefore best fitted in a small concert venue, big living or study room.

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